System Analysis and Design

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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1)Describe each phase of SDLC briefly and concisely, use bulleting format. Phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

·System study/Initial Investigation - data gathering and inetrviewing techniques
- includes information and exhibits
·Feasibility study - Establishes a high-level view of the intended project and determines its goals. ·System analysis/General design - Defines project goals into defined functions and operation of the intended application. Analyzes end-user information needs. ·System design/Detailed design - Describes desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudocode and other documentation. ·Implementation - The real code is written here.

·System Audit – an evaluation should be made to determine whether the system meets the objectives started in the general design report.

2)Describe each system requirement briefly and concisely, use bulleting format.

System Requirements:

·User's requirements - these could be features, interfaces or functions demanded by the client. Software engineers are required to meet all the user's requirements for a successful software development approach. ·Technical Requirements - a technical requirement pertains to the technical aspects that your system must fulfill, such as perfomance-related issues, reliability issues and availability issues.

3) Following are the different methods in gathering data for the system development. Describe each briefly and concisely, use bulleting format. ·Investigation Methods - the act or process of investigating. A detailed inquiry or systematic examination. ·Survey Methods - the survey is a non-experimental, descriptive research method. Surveys can be useful when a researcher wants to collect data on phenomena that cannot be directly observed (such as opinions on library services). ·Observation Methods - is a technique in...
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