System Analysis and Design

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Computer network Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Chapter 1.0

Data is a valuable thing that will last longer that the system it selves. It plays an important role in any business organization.

Internet was one of the best and functional inventions that man were made. Because of Internet, people worldwide find an easy way for communication and research for study purposes. An Internet Café is a business organization that involves the use of Internet. It organizes and maintains a large number of network computers.

Evolution of Internet Café Software has been so fast that more and more commercial Internet Café Software are in the market now a days. Internet Café and Internet Shop have long recognized the advantages of managing network computers such as log in, time in-out, payment for the rentals of computers and etc.

In an Internet Café were managing network computer time are manually processed, the task is usually under the responsibility of the internet café manager or owner who must at all times, deal with the pressure of working consistently, efficiently, timely and patiently. Robbing around the shop, dealing with other customers and other personal matters needs a lot of time and attention. In such case, a mobile-base Internet Café Sever (MODESC) will help a lot in managing the business, since the computerization is becoming trend the owner of the Internet Café needs not just desktop software but mobile base software for faster and better service to its customers.

Internet Café now days are located everywhere. It can be seen beside the schools, inside the malls, near our houses and in many other places.
People now a day are more aware about the different uses of internet. That’s why Internet Café business is supported by several customers. The researcher decided to choose the Internet Café to conduct their study. The researcher also decided to create mobile-base Internet Café Server to manage the transaction inside the...
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