System Analysis and Design

Topics: Software engineering, Computer program, Software testing Pages: 12 (4024 words) Published: January 14, 2013
IT422-1204B-01 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
Aroma Delights
Shamonte Daniels
December 24, 2012

Table of Contents
Project Outline3
Development Methodology Selection4
System Analysis and Requirements6
System Modeling and Design8
Software Flow Chart8
Class Diagram/Database Schema10
User Interface Design11
Additional Information12
Quality Assurance17
Assessment Phase17
Planning Phase17
Design Phase18
Development Phase18
Implementation Phase18
Test Examples18

Project Outline

The company I choose was Aroma Delights which is a candle making company that has full flavored scented candles that the customer can customize by picking the jar shape, size, color of the candle, and scent. Orders can be placed over the phone, online, and in our retail store. I propose a system that will keep track of all the colors we have, jar shapes and sizes, and scents available as well as the pre made production candles shapes, sizes, scents, and colors, and allows the customer an interactive model of the candle they create. This project will help our company stay ahead of the curve and always have the items that are being sold in stock. This system will allow the company to see what they are selling the most of and allow the customers to view items available to make their custom candle. After a market research we concluded that having an electronic system in place that can help track our products and create charts that show what’s selling and what’s needed this will increase our sales and productivity. There are systems similar to this one on the market but I would like this system to be specific to our company which will give us insight into what direction our products need to move toward. Our company was a small company and we have just built us a network and opening our market to a bigger area. This system will make our inventory system work smoothly since we have only one warehouse and multiple store locations. Requirements

Our system is a client server WAN network with stores in Texas and Georgia. We have a call center in Texas as well as our warehouse, and our website The software needs to move quickly and be stable due to the web site traffic. The software should be interactive as well as user friendly due to our target audience. Development Methodology Selection

The software development methodology I selected for this project is the agile method which I believe will work best for our needs. The agile method requires a team based effort that takes the development process and breaks it down into cycles which adds functionality. With the agile method each cycle is involved in an ongoing process of being designed, built, and tested. The agile method is very flexible and efficient when it comes to change. With frequent deliverables using the agile method the project will be validated constantly which will reduce risk. (Shelly/Rosenblatt, 2012) The spiral model which is a series of revisions based on user feedback which is typically used in the agile method. With the agile method it’s a strong interaction between the developers and users this method determines the end result instead of the beginning objectives. The phases in the spiral model are planning which defines the objectives, constraints, and deliverables of the phase. The next phase is known as the risk analysis which is the phase that risks are identified and resolutions are developed. When a prototype is developed and contains all deliverables this is known as the engineering phase. The last phase is the evaluation where testing is performed to develop the next interaction’s objectives. (Shelly/Rosenblatt, 2012) The agile methodology will work for my project because of the needs of the business still have to be met which this can happen with this method. This methodology allows us to develop the software in...
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