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1 David Eisner 12/13/12 Dr. Kenneth Hogan

Sysco Food Service

2 The basic necessities of life involve food, water, and shelter. Throughout history, we have evolved these basic necessities into finer things in life. Instead of living in just a cave, our shelter consists of structural buildings with luxuries such as couches, beds, televisions, and radios. We have taken basic water and turned it into flavorful beverages including soda and coffee. Finally, we have taken food, applied special cooking techniques and spices, to create four course meals. Sysco Corporation is a company that delivers restaurant supplies to different establishments across The United States and parts of Canada (Sysco Locations, 2012). Sysco began in 1969 as nine smaller food distribution companies. These companies include (Sysco Corporation History, n.d., para. 3): -Zero Foods Company of Houston -Frost-Pack Distributing Company -Global Frozen Foods, Inc. -Houston's Food Service Company -Louisville Grocery Company -Plantation Foods -Texas Wholesale Grocery Corporation -Thomas Foods Inc. and Justrite Food Service, Inc. -Wicker, Inc. Sysco has been growing ever since, “mainly through dozens of acquisitions of smaller distributors” just as they did by combining the nine original companies (Sysco Corporation History, n.d., para. 2). This company markets supplies which include, “fresh and frozen meats, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, paper and disposable items, chemical and janitorial products, beverages, dairy foods, and medical

3 supplies” (Sysco Corporation History, n.d., para. 2). In addition to restaurants, Sysco delivers their products to “schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, businesses, and other organizations” (Sysco Corporation History, n.d., para. 2). We can see that when a business offers certain products to consumers, supply and supply chain management are required. Burt, D.N., Petcavage, S. D., & Pinkerton, R. L. (2010) define supply chain as, “the process of acquiring goods, services, and equipment from other organizations” (p. 13). Sysco is very talented and has very high standards when looking at their supply chain. Within their organization, they have a division called Sysco's Supply Chain Operations / Supplier Compliance (SCOPS) (Supplier Standards, 2012, para. 1). This division takes suppliers and “transitions” them into the Sysco Redistribution Center (RDC) network (Supplier Standards, 2012, para. 1). This ensures that Sysco suppliers are proficient with quality and quantity while at the same time reducing operational expenses (Supplier Standards, 2012, para. 1). When it comes to supply chain management within Sysco, we can see that managing the supply chain is second in priority next to the customer itself. While looking at the Sysco home page, the Supplier Partnerships icon is located next to Customer Solutions icon (Sysco, 2012). If there is nothing to supply the customer, then no business can be conducted and therefore Sysco would not exist. Like any other company, supply management is not the only department in the organization. All departments must work together in order to create a successful and profitable company. If we look at the Career Opportunities (2012) page, we can see that Sysco offers careers opportunities which include “drivers, sales associates, merchandisers, accountants,

4 management, and warehouse operators” (para. 2). All departments work in sync one another to provide satisfaction for both customers and employees. Customers need products just like employees need to be paid. Sysco is a business organization that functions similar to a living organism in the fact that all systems depend on one another for the survival of the entire entity. In regards to the way Sysco develops new products within the organization, we can see that Sysco caters to the needs of its clientele. Sysco's TrendSpotter (2012, February) articles tell us about new food trends in America inspired from...
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