Syriani (Ethics)

Topics: Death Penalty, Capital punishment in the United States, Lethal injection Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Ayannah Crawley
Dr. Webb-Mitchell
Ethics-Sec 06
November 17,2011
Part I: The Syriani case follows a man named Elias Syriani born in Jerusalem into an Assyrian Christian family. He meets a woman named Teresa through a mutual friend who he eventually marries and has four kids with and settles in Charlotte, North Carolina. The relationship between Elias and wife Teresa becomes violent when Elias becomes unemployed and Teresa goes against Middle Eastern tradition by getting a job. A few days later after a dispute occurs between Teresa and Elias ending in Teresa almost being hit by a baseball bat Teresa pack up their four kids and move to New Jersey where they reside in a woman’s safety shelter. Eventually Teresa moves back and file for divorce forcing Elias to move out the house. One day while arriving home from work with their 10 year old John Elias forces himself into the vehicle and stabs Teresa multiple times with a screwdriver. Elias is eventually brought to trial and found guilty of capital murder being sentenced to death. Fourteen years of not talking to their father John, Rose, Sarah, and Janet forgives their father and begin the process of protesting the spare of their father’s life. Eventually after requests for appeals and clemency were denied Elias Syriani was executed on November 18, 2005.

Part 2: Up until 1983 inmates were put to death by electrocution and lethal gas before given the option of lethal injection. In 1998 General Assembly ruled out electrocution and lethal gas making lethal injection the only option for execution. The death sentence is chosen by the same jury who finds the defendant guilty. The Governor is the only person to have the authority to grant clemency in any case. Since the year of 1983 43 individuals have been executed in the state of North Carolina two being carried out by the gas chamber and the rest by lethal injection with Elias Syriani being the 38th person.

Part III: In terms of consequentialist I would...
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