Syrian Civil War

Topics: Bashar al-Assad, Syria, Hafez al-Assad Pages: 5 (2096 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Jacob Burdge
Hannah Kim
Salina Atsemet
On a television screen, cars and buses are wrecked, and the injured are rushed to the hospital for immediate care. This was the scene after the Damascus bombing on February 21, 2013. With over 50 people killed in the explosion, and 200 injured, Syria is close to its’ breaking point. Over the last 2 years the death toll in Syria has sky-rocketed, reaching a shocking 60,000 due to the on-going civil war. The fight between the rebels and the government continue; the rebels wanting the current president Bashar Al-Assad to step down, while the government maintains their support to the president instead of the people. The rebels fight for what they believe will win them more democracy and freedom. They feel repressed by their current leader and government, and want a change so that the people will have a stronger voice in the government. The oppression resulting from unjust dictatorship has shaped Syria politically, economically, and socially. When the Middle East has huge headlines in the news, most likely Syria has been involved. Syria has been entrenched in a fierce civil war and the politics are just as bad. Syria has been a country that has been at the focal point of most of the Middle Eastern politics recently. The Syrians are recently going through a civil war that has completely ravished the country as a whole. As the country is as unstable as ever, the government has had many opportunities to make things right and it hasn’t worked exactly to plan. “It's been two years since repressed voices called for freedom in Syria” (Watson, Ivan. CNN News.) And nothing has gone to plan for the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries thought that the call to action for the regime to step down was going to be enough. Sadly they were wrong, once someone has absolute power; they seldom give it back up without a very bloody fight. As the fighting continues, the regime of Syria has not said or taken the correct measures to keep this a national revolution; now countries are giving money and supplies to the revolutionaries to overthrow the regime of Syria. This civil war has now become a global situation and everybody knows what’s happening there in Syria. The Syrian rebel leader, General Salim Idris, has said that the rebels will stay and finish the job of releasing the Syrian people until the current President Bashar Assad steps down. The regime has hit a new low with regards to morale in efforts to end the uprising that the rebels, in the eyes of the regime, have prolonged with their antics of a new Syria with democracy. "We want a Syria where every Syrian can live in peace and liberty. This is our dream, this is what we are fighting for," Idris said. (Fox News.) The rebels want a democratic Syria, and the President is making it very hard for the people to achieve their goal. Whether he’s doing it to outlast the rebels, or wait till an opportunity arises for him to be the leader of Syria, undisputed. Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ezz al-Din Khalouf told Al-Arabia TV, ‘that many of those still with Assad's regime have lost faith in it’.” (Middle East. Fox News.) Even the people fighting for the regime have lost interest and predict the end of President Bashar Assad’s reign. High ranking officials have now become rebels in order to finally bring peace back to Syria. The political tyranny in Syria has destroyed its government, but in the process also damaged its society.

The population of Syria has been oppressed in many ways such as martial law which “enables the state to arrest people preventively” (Zahler 94) which took affect in 1963 once the Ba’ath party took control in Syria. The Ba’ath party has since been oppressing it’s citizens which is why the citizens began to revolt. Syria’s population is made up of many ethnic and religious groups including Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Christians, Druze, Alawite, Shias, and Arab Sunnis. A major reason this battle has been so vicious and long-lasting is...
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