Syriac Orthodox

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The Syriac Orthodox
Christianity is one of the largest and widest spread religions. It was founded two thousands years ago in what’s today called Israel. The teachings of Christianity are based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, his followers or as they are called, the apostles, spread these teachings to people everywhere and that’s how christianity continued to spread. Christians remained united having one belief and one creed, it wasn’t until the mid of 11th century when a great split happened that divided Christianity into two groups, the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox. On Sunday, April 21tst, at 5 pm, I arrived to St. George Serbian Orthodox Church located on 3025 Denver st, San Diego. Two orthodox group hold their masses in this Church. The first group is the Siberian Orthodoxes which officially own this church, and the second group is the Syriac Orthodox who celebrate the holy mass every sunday evening at the same church. In this report, i will discuss my experience when I attended the Syriac Orthodox mass. The Syriac Orthodox church of Antioch is based in the west of the Mediterranean sea. It uses St. James liturgy and uses Syriac (Aramaic Dialect) as its official an liturgical language. The church is an amazing artwork. It pretty much looks like a church built in medieval Europe. The walls are decorated with amazing mosaic portraying images of Jesus, Mary, Angels, and other saints. I chose to visit this site because I have always wanted to attend an orthodox mass.

Minutes before the mass begins, people were continuing to come in. as they entered they bowed before the holy altar and did the cross sign on their chests. The mass began with hymns in Syriac language sang by the choir. Then the priest started prayers first in Syriac then followed by Arabic. Throughout the prayers, one of the deacons was perfuming the altar with incenses. After the priest finished the prayer, people sat down to...
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