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Syrian Civil War Essay

The Syrian civil war is an armed conflict in Syria, which has began on 15

March 2011 with demonstrations and protests against Syrian president Bashar al-

Assad, which evolved into an armed rebellion. By now Syrian war cost more than

55,000 lives and many people are still dying in this war. It is important to focus on

ending of this war as soon as possible not only for good of Syria but also for the good

of whole world. My opinion is that the main problem why this war still continues is

because many countries are supporting their economy by sending new and new

weapons into Syria, and these weapons don’t end only in hands of Syrian army but

also in hands of rebels fighting against the government. I think that first think Syria

should focus on in these days is to secure its weapon sites, containing dangerous

chemical weapons also labeled as WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction). These

weapons became the point of interest of rebels, which are trying to take them and use

not only against Syrian army, but also against any else country including the USA.

Stated in Adam Clark Estes’s paragraph from The Atlantic Wire, it is scary

enough to think of what the Assad regime could do with the several hundred tons of

chemical weapons and horrifying to think of what terrorists would do. I think that

president Assad should pay more attention to sites and military bases where are these

weapons stored and secure them. According to Estes’s paragraph, “What we know,

however, is that the United States and its European allies are working fast and hard to

mobilize forces to protect those weapons and, hopefully, avert the unthank able.” He

also says that there are also good news and uses retired general Adnan Silou’s

quotation that “It’s unlikely that insurgents would know how to successfully detonate

chemical munitions on their own.”

I don’t really agree with this opinion, and I think that if rebels would steal the

chemical weapons it would be only the question of time until they would find

somebody who would arm them. Furthermore Silou says that “After the regime falls,

anyone could take them.” And according to Estes’s paragraph that is the main reason

why the United States is working with Israel, Jordan and the NATO allies to get the

troops to those sites as soon as possible. President Obama warned president Assad in

BBC news that “The world is watching. The use of chemical weapons is and would

be totally unacceptable.” The bad news according to Estes’s paragraph are simple. If

the chemical weapons will be used, they won’t kill a few people, they kills thousands,

and if the weapons will make it out Syria, that could mean thousands of Americans.

According to CNN paragraph, Syrian government insists it would never use

chemical weapons on its own people. But world leaders say Syria’s desperation could

lead to even more tragedy in the war-torn country. I think that the main point of

CNN’s paragraph is that many people can’t even imagine, how big danger these

chemical weapons represent for humanity, and that’s why CNN is trying to

“introduce” us some of the substances these weapons contain. According to CNN

paragraph, military analysts believe Syria may have one of the largest stockpiles of

chemical weapons in the world. "All the stocks of these weapons that the Syrian Arab

Republic possesses are monitored and guarded by the Syrian army. These weapons

are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against the

Syrian Arab Republic," Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said in July.

When we are talking about the substances these weapons include, we are

talking about chemicals like sarin, mustard gas or VX gas which are able to kill

thousands of people in few minutes or cause permanent illnesses like cancer or...
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