Synthetic Marijuana

Topics: Tests, Poison, Suicide Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Synthetic marijuana is a big trend in our community because there are no drug tests for this yet and you can buy the product at a head shop, and a tobacco store over the counter. This has been an ethical problem in our world today because a lot of people are dying from it, where I am at they had a person die from the synthetic marijuana a brand called "Black Widow." They had a protest in my town to ban the Black Widow because it caused someone to die from the chemicals that was in it. I believe this should be illegal to sell in any store and there should also be a drug test for this before you start a job.

 I will be explaining; what synthetic marijuana is, why people smoke it, the side effects of it, and how the government is taking action on the issue.  I would hope that after listening to this that you would never give it a second though on whether you should smoke this if ever offered to you, or if you know of someone smoking this that you would warn them about it. The reason why this is an issue I our community because there are no drug test for this and it is legal to buy. A lot of marijuana smokers that are on probation for real marijuana are smoking the synthetic herbal drug because it gives the same “high”, as the real drug. A lot of people who smoke this synthetic drug are having a bad reaction to fake marijuana. It’s causing them to hallucinate, commit suicide, and brain aneurisms. In my personal opinion I believe they should take this stuff off the market and if people get caught making the stuff themselves they should get the same punishment as if it was real marijuana. The synthetic marijuana causes so many health problems it’s causing people to die. The symptoms can vary because there are chemicals and other substances added. The researchers show in 2011 poison control reported nearly 7,000 calls about K2 and the calls doubled in 2010. The case reported three teens that arrived in the emergency room showed some signs of abnormal...
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