Synthetic Fabrics

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CP English II Spring 2013 (Mr. Eldridge)
Research Paper Project

The objectives are as follows:
The students will learn to research a topic and organize notes, pre-write a 4-5 page paper, outline, draft, assert an argument, peer review, line edit, avoid plagiarism, and use the MLA method of citation

The twentieth century was ripe with transformations in culture, science, athletics, politics, art, and fashion. You will choose a topic from the list below and research it so you can explain the topic to an academic audience (readership) and argue the effects the topic has had on our current culture. Your explanation needs to be thorough enough that the reader will learn key facts about the topic, understand events leading up to the event (or, in the case of a person, the events that brought him or her to the world stage), and demonstrate how that event or person influenced the world we live in today.

The following guidelines must be followed:

* All drafts must be typed
* The paper must be between 4 and 5 pages double spaced in a 12 point font (Calibri or Times New Roman) * Modern Language Association (MLA) citations will be used * The assignment will be a progress-writing-project that will include: * Gathering, reading, and organizing research materials * Pre-writing

* Outline and Working Bibliography
* First Draft (one test grade)
* Peer Review (one test grade for reviewer)
* Second Draft
* Final draft (two test grades)
* A one-page reflection paper in which the student will summarize the learning he or she experienced through the project * You will need to cite a minimum of six sources in your list of works cited * At least two books must be part of the list of works cited * At least four of your works cited must come from a data base. * A personal interview can replace one of the above sources * Wikipedia will not be permitted as a source

* The first and final drafts will be submitted in both hard copy and by submission to

Grading Criteria for First Draft
* Evidence of research used in draft (25%)
* Evidence of pre-writing used in draft (25%)
* Clarity of explanation (25%)
* Class writing rubric [see faculty page for breakdown](paragraph unity, sentences varied and correct, and mechanics and spelling) (25%) Grading Criteria for Final Draft
* Paragraph organization and unity (25%)
* Sentences (varied in type: simple, compound, complex, compound/complex) (15%) * Mechanics (spelling and punctuation) (10%)
* Clear explanation of the topic(20%)
* Elements of argumentation (15%)
* MLA Conventions (15%)

Grading Criteria for Peer Review
* Meaningful comments regarding topic (25%)
* Meaningful comments regarding structure (25%)
* Meaningful comments regarding sources (25%)
* Meaningful comments regarding MLA (25%)

The calendar due dates for the project will be as follows:

March 18th (B) and 19th (A): Athenaeum Visit for Research Paper orientation March 20th, 2013, (B) March 21st, 2013(A): Choice of Topic due March 20th (B) and March 21st (A): Athenaeum Visit for Research April 2nd (A) and 3rd (B) Outline with Working Bibliography is due April 10th (A) and 11th (B) First Draft Due (Hard Copy and Turnitin Submission): April 12th (A) and 15th (B) In-class Peer Review

April 16th (A) and 17th (B) Final Draft (Hard Copy and Turnitin Submission) due April 23rd (A) and 24th (B) Reflection Paper on the Research Project due

Anti-Communist Campaign of Senator Joseph McCarthy|
Bay of Pigs Invasion|
Beatlemania (The Beatles’ First US Tour)|
Bridge on the River Kwai|
Thalidomide and the children affected by it |
The growth of the Communist Bloc (Eastern Europe)|
The use of synthetic fabrics in clothing and fashion|
History of Punk Rock Music|
Hydrogen Bomb (effects of bombing on culture and policy)|
Overthrow of the...
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