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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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sy Synthesis Table
Aspects| Source 1 – Gender and Authenticity in Japanese Popular Music: 1980-2000| Source 2 – SMAP, Sex, and Masculinity: Constructing the Perfect Female Fantasy in Japanese Popular Music| Source 3 – They're Beating the Drum for Female Empowerment;Music: As they challenge gender stereotypes, Japanesetaiko ensembles are catching on with women, especially Asian Americans.| Analysis, Interpretation, explanation| Claim| Both Shonen Knife and Puffy subvert the traditional perception of gender in Japan.| Sports and Music Assemble People (SMAP), reconstructs the idea of masculinity by embracing their feminine sides.| Female Taiko drummers go against the social stigma that Japanese female must be gentle and soft.| Both Cogan and Chan examine the changing traditional women’s roles in Japan by showing how female artists redefine their positions in society through their works. On the other hand, Darling-Wolf focuses on how the reconstruction of masculinity has successfully attracted many female fans.| Reasons, Evidence| 1. Shonen Knife write their own lyrics and is more independent (“creative control’)2. Puffy plays an important role in illustrating how women can set foot in entertainment industry (“subvert traditional ideas of women’s activities in Japan”) | 1. SMAP reconstructs the idea of masculinity by adding the female element to satisfy the Japanese female media consumers’ yearn for the males taking on females’ traditional roles and traits. (“crying contests”, “not afraid to show their feelings”)| 1. They yell and use their physical strength which is a total contradictory to the depiction of traditional Japanese women. (“ male things”)2. Younger women perceive that their involvement in playing Taiko can help them to achieve “gender equity”| The influence of the Japanese female and male has reconstructed gender stereotype in Japan.Female artists yield hope for Japanese women to redefine their gender roles and even embrace the...
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