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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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The article of Katha Pollitt's “ Why Boys don't play with dolls” and Paul Theroux's “The Male Myth” are similar in that they both touch upon feminism and stereotyping. We are reminded that society and parents are responsible for stereotyping the sexes. As soon as they know the gender of the baby, it is common knowledge that the theme is blue for a boy and pink for a girl. From little girls and Barbie's to little boys and sports, this is how the different genders are viewed. The problem with this is it teaches the children of both sexes what is expected of them as adults. Barbies for example give the illusion to the little girl that this is what an ideal woman is suppose to look like all grown up. (Pollitt pg. 233) “Barbie represents-being sexy, thin, stylish.” Did you ever shop for a little girl? Did you ever notice the toys that are available for them to play with? The toys for little girls are toy replicas of the adult world, more specifically what a woman predominately takes care of, such as vacuums, kitchen/cooking, baby dolls, play food with a register, doll heads for hairstyling, the list goes on and on, but the bottom line is as a society, we are trying to train our daughters what is expected of them as grown up women. The same for little boys, at an early age they are not given baby dolls to play with they are given footballs, baseballs and trucks. They are meant to be (by societies expectations) a man. Men play sports. There are no real life situations that are turned into toys for boys like the girls have. As (Theroux pg 229) stated “ The youth who is subverted, as most are, into believing in the masculine ideal is effectively separted from women” So, no matter how hard we try as parents to raise our sons and daughters equally without specific expectations of a male or female role in the world, we can't. As stated by (Pollitt pg. 234/235) “We don't have a choice, really, about whether we should give our children messages about what it means to be male...
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