Synthesis Paper

Topics: Senate of the Philippines, Aggression, Abuse Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: March 17, 2013
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Synthesis Paper in Communication Theories
(Aggression Theory)

SOLEVILLA, Iveth Suzanne S.

History & Orientation
Aggression Theory also called Aggressive Communication, is a style in which individuals express their feelings and opinions and advocate for their needs in a way that violates the rights of others. Thus, aggressive communicators are verbally and/or physically abusive. Aggressive communication is born of low self-esteem (often caused by past physical and/or emotional abuse), unhealed emotional wounds, and feelings of powerlessness. It simply means that one person applies force to the person he is speaking to. According to Rancer(2003), “Aggressive communication is most often controlled by four predispositions that interact with environmental factors to influence an individual’s approach to conflict resolution. These four predispositions are classified as either constructive or destructive.” Under constructive predisposition is assertiveness and argumentativeness. Assertiveness is characterized by bold and confident statements and behavior. Argumentativeness involves the use of reasoning to defend personal positions on certain controversial issues. People who approach conflict through constructive predisposition are seen as credible. Meanwhile on destructive predisposition, it consists of hostility and verbal aggressiveness. Hostility is the expression of negativity or resistance in thought or principle. Verbal aggressiveness is an assault on the person itself rather than the position or adversary. It is also a way to inflict psychological pain to another such as humiliation and embarrassment.

The best example of an aggressive communication is during the passing of RH Bill. There is a debate among pros and antis of the said bill. The politicians also have their own beliefs and principles about the said issue. Just like what happened recently between Sen. Pia...
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