Synthesis of Aspirin Data

Topics: Solid, Primary color, Acetic acid Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 7, 2012

Table 1. Description of reagents.
Salicylic acidFine powdery white solid crystals
95% ethanolClear colorless liquid
Acetyl chloride Clear colorless liquid with gas escaping from container FeCl3 Clear colorless liquid
Commercial aspirin Fine powdery white solid crystals
I2/KI Deep black liquid
KMnO4Brownish liquid
Phosphoric acidClear colorless liquid

Table 2. Preparation of Aspirin.
Salicylic acid + Acetyl chloride Cloudy white liquid with undissolved white powder Mixture at room temp White cloudy liquid
Mixture in ice bath White particles settled at the bottom of cloudy white liquid Suction Filtration
Filtrate White powdery crystals
Residue Clear yellowish liquid
Crude Aspirin White powdery crystals

Table 3. Recrystallization of Aspirin.
Crude aspirin + EtOH Clear colorless liquid with undissolved white solids Mixture during heating Powdery white solids dissolve in clear colorless liquid Mixture after heating Clear yellowish liquid

Mixture at room temp Clear very pale yellow liquid
Mixture in ice bath White particles started to solidify in very pale yellow liquid Suction Filtration
Filtrate White needle-like crystals
Residue Cloudy white liquid with slightly undissolved solids Crude Aspirin White needle-like crystals

Table 4. Recovery Data.
Recrystallized Aspirin
Wt. of watchglass + filter paper53.081g
Wt. of watchglass + filter paper + product55.995
Weight of product2.914
Theoretical Yield2.61g
% Yield111.65%

Table 5. Melting point determination.
Crude AspirinRecrystallized Aspirin
Melting point 118-130°C134-136°C
Literature value135°C135°C

Table 6. Differentiation of starting materials.
SubstanceSol'y in water+/-Fecl3 test+/- KMnO4+/-
Acetic ChlorideDissolved acetyl chloride. Clear colorless liquid.+Boils upon addition of acetyl chloride. Cloudy yellow solution.--Changes to...
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