Synthesis Essay: Prosperity

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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“Got Milk?” If you are familiar with this ad, in particular, you have experienced prosperity, in advertisements, firsthand. Being a widely accepted method of advertising, prosperity conveys factual information to an audience that would otherwise have been lost in translation. There are claims stating that advertisements are solely propaganda, but the underlying goal is for the betterment of society.

When you are walking down the street, or driving down the freeway, odds are that you will come across some type of advertisement. You will oftentimes see billboards, signs, or people dressed up in ridiculous costumes promoting a product on the sidewalk. Generally, these ads are set to inform the public, not manipulate them. As you are perusing through your Sunday paper, you see an ad that states, “Together, we can save a life” (American Red Cross). Has this advertisement harmed you? Or has it given you further information on how you can aid someone in need? This advertisement has been set in place to give citizens insight on the process of giving blood, and its beneficial aspects. Does that sound so bad?

“...advertising is teaching, pure and simple” (Culpa, Advertising Gets Another Burn Rap). If the young newlyweds looking to purchase a home had not seen the advertisements for houses on the market in the paper, or caught the name of a reliable Realtor on a billboard how would they have known what to look for? Is the commercial on television that uses the popularity of a well-known celebrity to make being active and playing outside appealing to young children harmful to them? The organizations that create these ads are only trying to make getting out of the house and being active more attractive to children.

Nancy Day says, “Advertising isn't all that bad” (Advertising: Information or Manipulation?). Can you prove different? Not only does advertising inform people, it keeps them entertained. What do you think funds most of the material you read in books and...
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