Synthesis Essay

Topics: Facebook, Interpersonal relationship, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (905 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Technology is a great way to stay entertained but it is disconnecting people. Our world today is becoming more and more attached to their technology. Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world. Relationships are being built over Facebook and our phones. Keyboards and keypads are becoming the keys to our heart. Technology provides a way of communication but is becoming the only way to communicate with today’s youth. Today’s Internet users have many ways to be occupied online. These days we have the ability to communicate on websites like facebook, ways to watch TV shows and clips mostly on YouTube, and play entertaining games, all while on the computer. And we wonder why we have no in person friendships and dysfunctional families. Non-internet users spend more time doing social activities, such as parties, sporting events, and person-to-person conversations. Internet users spend less time with friends and family. Those who don’t switch off the computer, switch off all personal relationships with family and friends. Facebook creates a distraction from real life experiences and because of its ability to be logged in anywhere, I see people facebooking everywhere. People facebook while talking to someone else, at the dinner table, in the car if driving or not, at the movies, and worst of all in church. This addicting social network is taking over. It also creates the distraction. This action irritates people. I have a friend and whenever we get in the car she immediately signs in to her facebook on her droid and I spend the whole car ride in silence. I find it rude. These bubbles are growing around so many people and someone just needs to pop them. Facebook has its bad but there are ways that is helps also. It helps many people stay in touch with friends that might have moved away, Facebook can make it easier to keep in touch with old friends. In my life, I will move on from all my friends and I will still want to stay in touch with them all, but it can...
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