Synthesis Argumentation

Topics: Rhetoric, Writing, Logic Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: May 13, 2013
WRI 102:Sp 13
Synthesis Argumentation: Assignment

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* | Your assignment is to is to write a synthesis argument paper of a minimum of 1000 words using your approved topic and conference prep work and annotated bibliographies| | |
* | For the purpose of this assignment, include in your argument: * At least two assumptions (warrants) explicitly stated * A clear argumentative claim * Two premises in favor of your claim. * Back up each premise with evidence beyond doubt along with pertinent examples. Include a minimum of three types of evidence from narrative research, case studies, statistics, pertinent examples, or testimonials. * Explore the counter argument with a minimum of two premises along with the a variety of types of evidence * Concede with one as an act of good will. * Write your refutation (rebuttal) * Incorporate the articles from your ‘annotated bibliography’ assignment as well as any additional sources you find necessary to write a strong synthesis argumentation essay.| | |

* | The Rhetorical Situation: * Your purpose is persuasive (obviously it must be informative too). * Your audience is * The larger context of your paper is the well being and preservation of the human being/ national sustenance and development| | |

* | Some issues to note: * Clear claim, warrants, evidence, conclusion and solutions * Clearly defined terms * Fairly and adequately incorporated resources * Avoiding logical fallacies that weaken your position * Avoiding emotionally charged language * Depending primarily on Logos for persuasion * Clear reasoning strategies * Clear patterns of argumentation * Documentation| | |

| |
* | Make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment.| | |
* | Review lecture notes and chapters pertaining to argumentation and synthesis argumentation| | |
* | Continue to do your research beyond...
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