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By | March 2010
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Space Exploration Synthesis
Since Neil Armstrong won the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1969, space programs have made remarkable advancements. These small, but influential, steps have generated an increased number of possibilities in space and technology. Finances and the security of astronauts should be considered most important in making decisions about space exploration.

In the newly constructed Harriton High School, additional regulations have been implemented among students as safety precautions. In the old Harriton, we had the freedom to roam the campus as much as we pleased. Now the doors lock at 7:30 AM sharp, while the aids patrol the halls on the look out for wanderers. Although this can be seen as extreme to some, it is used to benefit the well being of our school as a whole.

Despite the fact that astronauts go through extensive training, they may overlook plausible consequences of space missions. We must take into consideration that the exploration of space comes with possibilities of “trouble if people are not careful enough” (F). As we travel deeper into space, astronauts know less and less about their environment and it’s risks. After preliminary space missions in the 1960’s, crews were “quarantined to prevent ‘back contamination,’ the hazard that some infectious extraterrestrial germ might be riding with them” (F). Traveling risks, as well as risks of the “unknown,” heighten as we push deeper into space and must be taken into account. Our solar system is endless and has a profusion of dangers.

Another issue that should be considered when making decisions regarding space exploration is economics, specifically the costs of travel. Planetary journeys are indisputably expensive. NASA dedicates about $5.3 billion to space exploration (E). The money being used is coming from the American people and “[they] don’t see the case for using tax paper money to get it done” (H). However, it is crucial to gain scientific...

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