Syntax Bill Introduction

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“We aim to make health benefits available for all, regardless of wealth, the life of Filipinos is sacred,” – President Benigno Aquino The new bill that gets the attention of the government officials as well as the Filipino people especially the drinkers and the smokers in the Philippines.

The Sin Tax Bill that aims to raise additional revenues by increasing taxes in so called “sin products” such as alcohol and cigarettes.

A large part of the revenues that will be collected would go to the government’s health care program and for the construction and upgrade of local and major hospitals nationwide.

The bill is also expected to lessen the number of smokers and alcohol drinkers in the country because of the increase in prices.

Aquino reassured workers and farmers in the tobacco industry that they will not lose the benefits they have been receiving before.

“The benefits you received before will not disappear; it will actually increase, as the support from the government  grows stronger,” Aquino said.

Many thought it was impossible to pass the Sin Tax Reform Bill: the enemy is strong, loud, organized, and has deep pockets. But like what has been proven time and again: nothing is impossible to a Philippines that is rowing in one direction, has the heart in the right place, and ready to stand on principles.

The newly signed bill will take effect January 1 of 2013.

You might wonder why I placed “syntax bill” in the subtitle instead of “sin tax bill”. As what we all know, syntax is the arrangement and interrelationship of words in a grammatical construction. In order to achieve the interrelationship of words, we should arrange it in an organized manner for the readers to fully understand the meaning of the words that was constructed. Like what we do in “syntax”, we should also arrange or organize our thoughts to fully understand the benefits of the so called “sin tax bill” signed by our President last December 20, 2012....
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