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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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Lord Buddha Education Foundation



Technical Presentation Entitled

“E-recruitment: an emerging HRM technology”

September, 2010 Submitted By

Bikash Agrawal
Roll No.

Synopsis (LBEF)
Title: e-recruitment: an emerging HRM technology
1. To study the merits and demerits of e-recruitment
2. To analyze the reasons why an organization adopts e-recruitment over other modes of recruitment. 3. To find on how the organization hires people through the e-recruitment process. 4. Study on the e-recruitment trends and future in context of Nepal. 5. Possible improvements in e-recruitment policy in Nepal. Methodology: MS PowerPoint

E-Recruitment use of technology or the web based tools to assist the recruitment process. The tool can be either a job website like, the organization’s corporate web site or its own intranet. Companies advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. Job seekers place their resume in worldwide web, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. E-recruitment can produce cashable savings, retaining speculative and star candidates for the future, and then contacting them when an appropriate vacancy is advertised effectively generating applicants for free. Reduced administration allows managers to view applications online. Internet recruitment sites are where the skilled individuals of the present and future are looking for jobs. These results suggest that for certain types of organizations, perhaps those in particular sectors or with specific workforce needs, online recruitment methods are very successful and are therefore being used with increasing regularity. Conclusion:

Reach a wide pool of applicants. Separate divisions providing the image of an up-to-date organization, reinforcing employer branding and giving an indication of organization culture....
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