Synopsis of Vision of a Company

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Truly great companies, that enjoy enduring success, have a vision and they understand the difference between what should never change and what should be open for change. Vision provides guidance in this context. It has two parts: core ideology and envisioned future. Core ideology is a discovery process, but setting the envisioned future is a creative process. The basic dynamic of visionary companies is to preserve the core and stimulate progress. Core Ideology defines the enduring character of an organization. It consists of core values and core purpose. The role of core ideology is to guide and inspire, not to differentiate. A company can have a very strong core ideology without a formal statement. Core competencies should be well aligned with a company’s core ideology and are often rooted in it; but they are not the same thing. Core Values are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization. They have intrinsic value to those inside the organization. Core values are held because they define what the company stands for. The key is not what core values an organization has but that it has core values at all. Only a few values can be truly core. The values must stand the test of time. A company should not change its core values in response to market changes; rather, it should change markets, if necessary, to remain true to its core values. Core Purpose refers to the company’s reason for being. An effective purpose reflects people’s idealistic motivations for doing the company’s work. It captures the soul of the organization. It can never be fully realized so it continuously stimulates change and progress in an organization. One powerful method for getting at purpose is the five whys. Envisioned Future consists of bold stretch goals and vivid descriptions of what it will mean to achieve them. BHAG refers to Bold, Hairy, Audacious Goals. A true BHAG is clear and compelling,...
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