Synopsis of Telecom Industry

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Internet service provider Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: July 12, 2012
The rapid growth in Indian telecom industry has been contributing to India’s GDP at large. Telecom industry in India started to set up in a phased approach. Privatisation was gradually introduced, first in value-added services, followed by cellular and basic services. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), was established to regulate and deal with competition (the service providers). This gradual and thoughtful reform process in India has favoured industry growth. Upcoming services such as 3G and WiMax will help to further augment the growth rate.The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and India is projected to become the second largest telecom market globally by 2010. This is evident from the facts of Telecom Industry for example, India added 113.26 million new customers in 2008, the largest globally. The country’s cellular base witnessed close to 50 per cent growth in 2008, with an average 9.5 million customers added every month. This would translate into 612 million mobile subscribers, accounting for a tele-density of around 51 per cent by 2012. It is projected that the industry will generate revenues worth US$ 43 billion in 2009-10. In this report we have tried to capture most of the areas of Telecom Industry. Major highlights of the report are History of Telecom Industry, Current Industry Analysis, Role of TRAI, Spectrum allocation, FDI Regulation, Competitive advantages, Outsourcing in Telecom, Emerging Technologies, Latest Innovation, and Growth Trends, Mergers and Acquisitions

1.1 History 1851 |  Introduction of Telegraph services | 1947 |  Foreign Telecom Companies nationalized to form PTT | 1980’s: The Beginning |  Tele-density in 1980-81: 0.3%  Introduction of public pay phones  Private Sector allowed  DoT, MTNL and VSNL formed | Early to Mid 90’s: A Messy Affair |  Telecom policy 1994 - Basic telephony service to private operators - 49% FDI - 8...
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