Synergy Llc Case

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Synergy LLC

Synergy LLC is a company that for a decade has been delivering quality, vibrant and cost effective web design solutions for its clients....being major corporations or small businesses. Our web design expertise has expanded to cover all major styles and all work is guaranteed 100% that you love the initial design before going live or we do it again.

Our Middle East operations over the years have naturally evolved to master web design delivering perfect solutions for our clients.  But again our web design service doesn’t end there.
It is the thing that not only creates the recall and desire for a product but makes it stand out from the rest. So our business is not only about the design but about making it work, offering feedback and unbiased opinions. We will take your idea, give it an internet look and an internet presence.

If you are looking to design a web site we have the best web designers in the world. Even if your web site is just in your mind, complete our form and allow us to build you a web site demo…amazingly we can normally have this new web design for you in just 2 months! 

While on line at Synergy please also take the time to visit our client web design gallery. If you like what you see the best way to start or continue any web design sunshine coast venture is to request a quote or select one of our innovative capped plans.   Our web design, search engine marketing and web design maintenance plans are designed to give any business all the tools they require for a successful web site in one easy capped plan.  

In summary we have extensive global experience in marketing and web design and the most amazing people and contacts that will work for you. So again we welcome you to Synergy and welcome you to make any enquiry about your business. – Review (Tripty)

Table of Contents

COMPANY Profile2
1. General Statement4
2. Capabilities (??? Needs better header!!)5
2.1 Experience in delivery of similar projects.5
2.2 Summary table of qualification and experience of responsible personnel5
2.3 Organizational capacity6
3. Technical proposal6
4. Commercial proposal7
5. Attachments9

EU LOGO On each page - Tripty
1. General Statement
Being authorized to represent and act on behalf of Synergy LLC, Dubai, UAE (hereinafter referred to as the Synergy), and having also thoroughly examined the whole information provided in the Tendering Proposal, we, the undersigned, hereby submit a Proposal for European Union (hereinafter referred to as the EU) website development.

We agree to abide by the provisions of this Proposal within sixty (60) days following the deadline date of Proposal submission. This Proposal shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted by you at any time within the specified period. This Proposal, including both Technical and Commercial parts, shall be a contract binding between the parties until the final contact is signed. Your organization or its authorized representatives are hereby authorized to make inquiries and investigations with the purpose of reviewing information submitted in relation to this Tender, and to seek clarifications from our bankers and clients related to financial and technical issues. This Proposal is also a permit for any person or authorized representative of any institution referred to in this Proposal to provide any information, which you may deem necessary to verify statements and data contained in this Proposal or related to our resources, experience and competence.

This Proposal is submitted with acceptance of the fact that the possibility of the final contract award depends on the results of verification of all data provided by all bidders as of the date of the Tender.

European Union reserves the right to reject or accept this Proposal, discontinue the Tender and reject all bids. European Union shall not be held liable for such actions, and shall not be obliged to inform the...
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