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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Syncretism can be described as combining two or more groups in society who has a goal to be accepted throughout society as a whole. Many different issues like religion, cultural politics and languages all would have been affected. According to Muraga, “Were it not for syncretism process, the United States government would be divided into section where the black Americans and have their own distinct governing body separate from that of the whites”. The world would still have some racial division in political office in e=which each race will have their own body to make up their government. African Americans did not have the right to vote or have the right to many other major decisions that occurred. In other words, slavery would still exist where no blacks had no rights.

It is said that Christianity is the most recognized form of syncretism in the American society. There are many religions but Christianity has dominated society because they have incorporated other religions whose background is Greek. This is common ground for both cultures and they can relate easily together when it comes to the reading of the bible. Muraga says “With absence of religious syncretism American societies would be dominated by diverse conflicting religious practices” (Muraga, 2011).

Modern culture without syncretism would probably be bland and the world would be seen as one big religion. Everyone would have the same beliefs and there will be less political differences. Instead syncretism has allowed cultures to demonstrate their own religion in society in which this gives persons an option to choose from religiously. And without syncretism, we would not have a diversity of music such as Rock, Country, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz and etc. Today no particular music is listened by a particular race. Music is crossed by all types of races and is also collaborated together to create great sound.
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