Symptoms of John Nash

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  • Published: July 21, 2013
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Food item 1 – Cranberry cheesecake.
CHEMICAL- Eggs are a self- contained food that provides many nutrients such as protein. They are low in saturated fats, and provide vitamin b12. PHYSICAL AND SENSORY- Egg whites are clear liquid with a slimy texture and egg yolks is a dense yellow color and is slightly more viscous. FUNCTIONAL: Eggs are a protein that provides many nutrients. When eggs are put into the cheesecake mixture, they add richness to the texture and help hold the structure of the cake and let it set a little firmer. Eggs denature when we crack the egg and beat it into. It is slimy and yellow in color. Adding sugar raises the temperature of coagulation of an egg mixture. MILK

CHEMICAL: Cream cheese is made out of milk, which consist mainly water and a range of nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamins. Milk is the main ingredient in the production of all dairy foods. PHYSICAL AND SENSORY: Cream cheese has a white color and a firm texture. FUNCTIONAL: Milk acts as a strengthener and holds the cheesecake in shape.The milk helps with the formation of gluten, which gives a baked item structure and heft. When milk is added to baking, the resulting product will be moister and tender the amount of gluten that is formed. SUGAR

CHEMICAL-Caster sugar are carbohydrates; they contain the elements of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Sugar dissolves and has a sweet taste. PHYSICAL AND SENSORY- caster sugar effects the color of baked products such as cheesecakes. The base of the biscuits becomes crusty when sugar crystalizes. Caster sugar is pure white and has small crystals. FUNCTIONAL: Sugar is an activator. The sugar sweetens the cheesecake, however acts as an humectant absorbing moisture which keeps the cheesecake soft. FOOD PROCESSOR- This tool is the most significant tool, because it combines the cream cheese, the eggs and caster sugar and lemon. When using the food processor make sure you are working on a kitchen bench with a clear bench and make...
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