Symphony No. 40 in G Minor

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  • Published : January 12, 2008
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Molto Allegro


Menuetto: Allegretto

Allegro assai

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Year and place of birth: January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria

Year and place of death: December 5, 1791, in Vienna, Austria

Composer is best known for: Mozart is known for many things, of which include piano pieces, as well as operas. I will be performing in one this winter, The Magic FluteJ He was one of the greatest music prodigies of all time/

A well-known musical contemporary of this composer is: Johann Adolph Hasse

Background information on composer: Mozart was known as one of the greatest music protigies in music history. He was able to pick out tunes on the piano by age 3, and by age 6 he started composing. From then on Mozart was practically denied any kind of a normal childhood. He traveled with his father being exhibited as a piano virtuoso to all the courts of Europe. Mozart was married in August of 1781 to Constanze Weber. This completely outrages his father because he wanted Mozart to be better that what he already was by marring into a good family. This began Mozart's bad relations with his father. By the end of his life he was desperate for money. He died working on the "Requiem Mass" from overwork and a kidney failure.

Observations/Comments on the composition: Mozart is one of my favorite composers of all time.

Molto Allegro: I love this piece for its use of violins. I used to play the violin ( a very long time ago) I have always loved listening to fueds between this instrument. I also love the dark opening. Sometimes I love listening to that opening up of a minor key. Throughout the whole piece I saw Fantasia over and over again.

Andante: For some reason, I love pieces that start out with an intense movement then come back with a soft peaceful movement. Andante was so...
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