Symbols & Ironi

Topics: Irony, Short story, Symbol Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Symbols and Ironies
The authors use irony in their writings because it creates a great closeness to a text and a feeling of satisfaction when the irony is recognized and understood, “- a little like a shared understanding between the writer and the reader - a kind of knowing wink!” (Englishbiz 1). On the other hand the symbols in the literature are used by the writers to improve their writing. Also, the symbols give more color, make it more rich writing and enhance the meaning to doing it deeper or varied. We find many symbols and constant use of irony in both short stories, “The Lottery” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner”. The most important thing in these incidents is the variety of interpretations which have been discovered since they were written, and how both represent the reality of the life in the current times.

Symbols in “The Lottery” are a lot, but the most clear and strong symbolism are: the black box and the the action of the lottery. The old and black box represents the tradition of the lottery but also the no logic of the citizen to keep faithfully the tradition and manners to make it as is the custom. The box already old and tired, falling to pieces, leaving not paint, view that was built many years ago. Some of the administrators of the lottery want to change it, but the villagers are not interested in making other or make some repairs it. Just like the box, the event of the lottery is done as the housing of the ancient actions that nobody wants to deviate, because that is the way it always has been. This box is the representation of a relic of a tradition of the villagers, irreplaceable, regardless of the outcome of its use. No matter what some people do not like them or not they agree (SparkNotes 1).

Another symbol is the action itself the lottery, that represents the actions, behaviors, or ideas that are transmitted from one generation to the next what is accepted and is still without questioning, no matter if it is consistent, logical or...
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