Symbols and Symbolism in a Streetcar Named Desire

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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Symbol / Symbolic meaning of names


A. Music : emotional movement

1. Scene 1. P. 13
¡mThis "Blue Piano" expresses the spirit of the life which goes on here.¡n

The blue piano is a kind of sad song. It shows that emotional feeling and sexual desire of people. The blue piano reveals the inner loneness of people and makes listener try to find someone to get alone.

At first, the blue piano reflects the different characteristics of people in New Orleans. They are more emotional and passionate to express their own feelings. This is different from the mannered people in Belle Reve. However, the music also shows the insecurity and desire to love of people in Elysian Fields. Although they seem that they are kind of happy and satisfied with their life, readers can know the real inside feeling through the blue music.

2. Scene 2. P. 32
¡mStanley enters the kitchen from outside, leaving the door open on the perpetual "blue music" around the corner.¡n

In this scene, the blue piano reflects the loneness and emotional desire of Stanley. Although Stanley is Stella*s husband, he still cannot get into some parts of world which only belongs to Stella and Blanche. In some way, Stanley unconsciously wants to search some little secrets of them and to know about what kind of impression Blanche thinks him. The music expresses the emotional movement of Stanley.

3. Scene 1. p.31
¡mThe music of the polka rises up, faint in the distance.¡n
The polka music represents Blanche*s memory of her lover. It*s a kind of sad music to make Blanche recall the wonderful time with the dead boy. Though everything has changed, that would be the most precious memory of Blanche.

4. Scene 1. P.43
¡mBlanche opens her eyes. The "blue piano" sounds louder.¡n
The blue piano now also reveals the loneness of Blanche, when she heard about that Stella is going to have baby. She is a little unacceptable this news and she feels a little lonely...
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