Symbols and Signs in Art

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Images are used as pictures, symbols or signs. Pictures, symbols and signs do not specify images, they describe three functions used by images. An image can bring out many meanings, for example, a triangle apart of its shape is used as a sign of danger. We need to acknowledge how well or how bad some images serve these functions. A sign refers to one specific content without showing the actual meaning of the image. Something we see visually can be portrayed by a sign, for example, a letter of the alphabet is used as a sign in mathematics that is they do not look alike of the things they represent. The good side of signs serves for good reasons, for example, traffic danger warning signs are in a shape of a triangle rather than a circle perhaps because it makes more an impact than other shapes. Pictures serve their purpose by qualities such as shape, color, and movement of the objects they symbolize. A picture is a statement of what we can visually see in real, it has visual qualities, and such a statement can be complete with abstractness. Abstractness in a picture could mean it is not specifically what we see or it has two or more meanings, therefore the person looking at it may make up his own decision of what he sees as a picture. An image acts as a symbol in which it shows things as a higher level of abstractness than the actual symbol. A symbol gives a shape to different things, an image of a king symbolizes monarchy, strength and lust which are higher level of abstraction than the image. Apart from the statements that are mentioned above, symbolism has to do with two different but related issues, the one issue is what symbols mean and the second how they work. Symbols are also based on culture, flags, traffic lights, diplomas, and mathematics are in their kind of way symbols. So, without symbolism in the human life there would not be any communication because with signs, symbols, and pictures all the world communicates. Also, symbolism plays a role in...
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