Symbolism in Young Goodman Brown Essay

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Lily Huang
Symbol Paper
Ms. Tejero

Young Goodman Brown Symbolic Paper

One word can mean many things. A rose can resemble a perfect relationship, a broken relationship, love, or even beauty. A horse can mean death, freedom, power, grace, or noblility. In the short story Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown turns to the Devil for a deal. As the story goes on, Brown discovers what happens when you turn from good. Nathaniel wrote this story so people can discover what happens when you turn to the devil and have a new prospective of recognizing things. In young Goodman brown, the symbols are Young Goodman Brown, Brown’s wife Faith, the pink ribbons, the man with the black snake staff, the forest, and the quote “three months married!”.

Just the name “Young Goodman Brown” can mean a lot of things. The word “young” in his name can be referring to all the young people in the world. It might also refer him as someone who just got introduced to the world as a newborn is new to its surroundings. He represents a man that is beginning to turn away from God. “Goodman” means husband and since in the story, he and faith was married, Goodman can be meaning as someone who is connected to someone or something. Goodman can be seprerated into someone who is good or innocent. Brown is mainly a last name or can represent African Americans. So basically “Young Goodman Brown” altogether means someone who is young, innocent, and is connected to something good.

Young Goodman Brown’s wife, Faith can resemble real faith and other things. It is most likely considered faith because in one part of the story where he is eavesdropping on a minister and a deacon

The pink ribbons in Faith’s hair resembles a lot of spiritual things. Pink represents love, compassion, harmony, gentlke...
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