Symbolism in the Stone Angel

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Ever wished you had the talent to write a story with astonishing symbolism? In the novel, The Stone Angel (written by Margaret Laurence) there is plenty of symbolism. There are many symbols: stone angel, water, plaid pin, Mrs Currie’s shawl and the bird in the cannery.

Firstly, there is the stone angel. Jason Currie put up this monument after his wife passed away while giving birth to Hagar. The stone angel stands strong and firm in the cemetery. Hagar can be compared to the stone angel because she tries to be strong her entire life. Over time, the stone angel fell over and deteriorated. The same happened to Hagar. She aged over time and one day fell over and died. An event where Hagar showed she had a heart of stone was when her brother was dying. She did not cry, nor hold him. By the end of the novel, Hagar began to show her feelings and told Marvin she was frightened. The stone angel is one of the main symbols brought up in the book many times.

Secondly, there is Mrs Currie’s shawl. Hagar’s mother’s shawl was given to her son Matt. When he was dying he had it by his side. The shawl represents the family’s pride. It was passed on the each of her children. Also, it could show how when the mother was living, she provided shelter and could protect her family. Even though she had passed away, something of hers was left behind to show her accomplishments in life; her children.

Thirdly, there is the plaid pin. The Currie family owned a store in Manawaka. Hagar’s father, Jason, worked hard many years to earn respect from the town. He was very proud to be a Currie. He also sent Hagar away to become more lady like and educated. It made the family look better. The pin had been passed down for generations. Hagar wanted it also to be passed down so the Currie name would never be forgotten. It symbolized pride that the family had and the respect they earned over the years. Fourthly, there is the bird in the cannery. Hagar was sitting by...
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