Symbolism in Steinbeck's "The Pearl"

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  • Published : March 5, 2007
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The Pearl
By: John Steinbeck

Discuss the symbolism used in the novel. Consider the following, the doctor as a symbol of racism, the pearl as a symbol of hope and Coyotito as a symbol of the future.

In The Pearl by John Steinbeck symbolism is using for lots of things and these things can symbolize different things for different people. First is the pearl, it symbolizing both hope and greed. Hope because it could let Kino afford the things he wanted for his family. Hope because he could education his son and maybe he would not have to live the life that Kino lived. The pearl also symbolized greed because people would doing whatever it took to have the pearl. The pearl also represents hope for everyone and exposed an evil side to most people.

The doctor represented racism in its basic form. He judged people by the way they looked and how much money they have. He would rather see a baby die that not receive payment for services. He also showed racism toward Kino and his family because they were uneducated and he could make them believe the child was still sick.

Coyotito was a symbol of the future because he was a child. The children are always considered the hope of the future. Coyotito's future was the reason Kino tried so hard to hold on the pearl. Coyotito death could symbolize that nothing in the future is ever guaranteed and no one can run forever.
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