Symbolism from Exodus 19: Nature of God

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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Explain The Symbolism About The Nature Of God From Exodus 19

Hick described the ‘epistemic distance’ between God and the Jews. Moses was allowed in God’s presence; hence he is esteemed as a very special prophet who is specifically chosen by God. All Jews respect the commandments which come directly from God and members of Orthodoxy believe that they are absolutely inerrant. They would see any ostensible contradictions in the Torah as beyond human comprehension but humans are expected to have faith and accept them. The books Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy are, according to Orthodox Jews, the word of God through direct divine revelation. The scholar Paul Johnson, described the prophet Moses as being ‘a great conduit.’ A conduit being ‘a means by which something is transmitted or led’ and Jews believe that Moses is the channel through which God’s laws come and this is a direct reference to God rescuing the Israelites from slavery in the land of Egypt. In this story, God’s powerful imagery can be seen and this story is found in the Torah in Exdous 19 and Jews are reminded of this story every week on Shabbat.

‘When the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt.’ This shows that the Jews have been led out of Egypt as a saved nation which has seen God’s compassion and hesed (steadfast love.) This is an example of God’s care and love for his people and of what German theologians would refer to as Heilegeschichte meaning salvation history. The salvation history of God saving his people in the Exodus is pivotal in showing that the nature of God is an interventionist God and a God of justice. God’s love can be seen further in psalm 136 in which the refrain ‘his steadfast love endures forever is repeated 26 times. God is shown as a God of rescue and redemption and here Jews learn that they should go to God in times of difficulty and ask him for help and he will rescue them because he loves them and sees them as an elect nation as shown in...
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