Symbolism for 19 Points

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Symbolism for 19 Points
What happens when you hate your wife and you leave her fate in the hands of a game? Imaginative, unexpected, funny and intriguing, Death by Scrabble is appreciated by many readers. Charlie Fish, the author of this short story, uses symbolism to explain a couple’s love statue through a game of scrabble. The story takes place in the couple’s house, while a husband expresses the profound hatred he has for his wife. Although scrabble is usually am amusing game, in this story the game becomes reality. Death by Scrabble is seen as being very symbolic through things, actions and words.

First of all, the board game and the game tiles are both examples of symbolic things used in this short story. Scrabble represents marriage. Nevertheless, this particular game is uninteresting and slow, which probably reflects the couple’s relationship. This first symbol can already foreshadow a divorce. The two main characters seem to hate each other. The husband reveals his thoughts that are reflecting his hatred and willingness to kill his wife. They play a game to try and solve their misunderstandings. The game tiles or the letters symbolize their past and future events. Every word played reflects their reality. Their future is decided through the words their tiles make. ‘‘The letters made it happen.’’ The husband realizes quickly that he has the power to kill his wife just by playing the right words. Symbolic things can make all the difference in a story.

Second of all, movements and actions have a different symbolism. Depending on the way a person thinks, talks and acts; actions and movements can be a simple gesture or even a hidden secret not yet known. Death by Scrabble includes very simple and innocent gestures. However, every move made becomes more intense. For instance, every time the husband or his wife moves a game tile, it means that they are moving on in life. Also, the husband has a habit to chew the game tiles, meaning he is...
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