Symbolic Nature of Language

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Symbolic Nature of Language
Language allows for self-reflection (Wood, 2013, p. 102) in the following way(s). When we think about how we would feel if we did certain things. For example when I set the goal for myself to begin school after so many years I reflected on my thoughts and on how it would feel to reach that achievement. With self-reflection we can also monitor what we say or how we say things reflecting on how we would feel if a person who didn’t have the same belief as us talked to us in a certain way we should reflect on how we would feel or react and in that way we should always be observant of what we say. Language organizes perceptions (p. 100) in the following way(s). language organizes perceptions because how we talk is how we are perceived by others. If you are reaching your thirties and are still on subject that 15 year olds might to about you might be perceived as someone ignorant and immature. Perceptions are about what you give off to other people when you talk it might not be who you really are but just the way that you are perceived by others. Language allows for hypothetical thought (pp. 101-102) in the following way(s). language allows for hypothetical thoughts in many ways as for me hypothetically I have a five year plan, within these five years I will finish my associates continue onto my bachelors and continue with my masters followed by a career in the field I want. This is all hypothetical because it is things that have not happened yet but they are things I want to happen The connection between languages and perception is that with the way we talk is the way people will see us as. Also another connection between language and perception is when we hear a person talk in a specific language they are perceived as being from a country that speaks that language when they in fact can be from a completely different place but have learned that language as a second language. A specific example to illustrate the connection between...
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