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Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic interactionism is a choice on how you react to someone and how you view the world from there on. I agree with this theory the most because we are constantly trying to figure out which symbol means what and during which circumstances can that definition be used. The Catholic Church uses symbols to illustrate their interpretation of God. The Eucharist, which is the body and blood of Christ, is given during every Mass. Patrons of the church, who have done the necessary sacraments, can receive the ‘holy bread and wine’ and feel like one with their God. Other religions might not agree with this and question their methods of practice. They probably do not understand the concept behind bread being a representative of the body of Jesus Christ. Another example would be the cross. Jesus was nailed to a cross to save people of their sins. People wear crosses to symbolize that they are aware of the sacrifice that Jesus made (according to the Catholic Church) for all people to be saved.

The Native American myths are very similar to the beliefs of the people of the New World. The stories are very similar that it amazes me of how different the European settlers tried to act. All of their lives revolved around their religion. The one main difference was how they treated one another. The settlers thought that they were a civilized group yet their forms of punishment were extreme. They were so ‘involved’ with their own lives and

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