Sylvia Plath the Colossus

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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The Colossus by Sylvia Plath as an example of ideology or feminist writing.

You may begin by commenting on the different definitions available for ideology in general as well as the theory of feminism. Feminism is discussed in this course as an example of modern theories and is often associated with the issue of ideology. Your discussion should refer to the discussion of these terms as well as the major elements connected to them (e.g. gender, écriture feminine, patriarchy, etc.). In your analysis of the poem you may want to ask questions concerning Plath’s personal life and her relationship to male figures in her family. Do you read the poem as a personal or a political poem? Would you characterize Plath as a feminist poet? Always justify your answers with reference to the poet’s works as well as the critical articles as much as you can ………..

To solve this TMA in a good way we should know about Sylvia Plath"s life, because in the students notes above they mentioned that U have to discuss her private relation with her father and her husband as a man figure and their effect upon her poetry… I will elaborate in order to get closer to her personal life. ………………….

Sylvia Plath suffered in her early age because the death of her father. He passed away when she was 8 .She suffered a lot because of his absence .Although her father was strict but she considered him as a figure of greatness , she has ambivalent feeling about her dead father she both adores and hates because he left her alone. Because her father is German he has subconsciously bad attitude towards women ,He is arrogant , dismissive and emotionally lacked. Her father's absence made her life full of darkness , desperation and agony and that clearly shown in her poems especially her elegiac poem "Daddy" .We can say that her muse of poetry was her dead father .The sorrowful tone is the dominant feeling in her poetry. She lost her faith in God after his death. She suffers from mental illness this why she was thinking of death all the time and considers it as a new gate to another life , life after life. The death of her father makes her feel spiritually and emotionally numb . Sylvia Plath poetry Falls under the genre of confessional poetry ," Confessional poetry emphasizes the intimate, and sometimes unflattering, information about details of the poet's personal life, such as in poems about mental illness, xxx, and despondence". ( Her poem " The Colossus" which u are going to discuss is best known of the confessional poetry cuz it talks about her personal experience and private feelings. The second devastating factor in her life was her husband ,how? She married the famous poet Ted Hughes but he let her down because of his Infidelity. She thought in awhile that fate gave her the lost parenthood .She thought he was her wounded healer . So now we can say that the fragmentation of male figure in her life is a result of the death of her father and for the Infidelity of her husband. Her lingered father's memory and the end of her marriage made her committing suicide. Her suicide is a kind of self-rejection and as a result of losing someone close to U ( her father and husband). ...................................................................................................................................................... Now I will move to discuss her poem "The Colossus". The Colossus refers to statue which considers indication for the fragmentation of male figure in her life. The symbolic form the Colossus (statue) refers to her father ( his dead body ).She sees her father as a great but broken statue . The tone of the poem expresses her agony towards the memories of her father, he is dead and still influences her life .She wants to be free ,to kill his memory ,this is mentioned clearly through these lines " Thirty years now I have labored

To dredge the silt from your throat.
I am none the wiser "
We can notice her blackness towards...
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