Sylvia Plath Review Movie

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Sylvia Plath- The movie, review

This was a biography of Sylvia Plath's life in a movie. It starts with her being in the university as a student, just before she meets Ted Hughes. This cannot be understood since I believe that the most important years in Sylvia's life was her childhood where she tried to commit suicide 2 times already and this is basically what affected her poetry and her writing style but it is not included in the movie.

Maybe it begins with the period when she met Ted Hughes in order to show how he was a very strong part of herself. We see that in the beginning they both have things in common and they love poetry and their poetic style is different than the others' however this is what they love in each other, uniqueness. However like in all love lives there is this period when love starts fading away and reality comes and starts destroying everything little by little and this is where love is tested. Unfortunately, in this case we can see that love didn't win and that everything led to Sylvia's last successful suicidal attempt. Although they were very happy together what happened was that Ted would become famous and have prosperous and fruitful ideas while his success was about to reach a pick while on the other hand Sylvia had it the opposite way. When their relationship got serious Sylvia had to become a good wife and a good mother and her responsibilities would maximize from one moment to the other. Hardly could she find any time to relax and think of ideas for her works. Let alone the fact that there was jealousy on the part of Sylvia in two ways. First of all, knowing that Ted was very interested in communicating with other women she would always check on him, a habit that made Ted very angry. On the other hand, she was also jealous of his career which was growing greatly while hers would always receive bad reviews. At one point she almost quited but this was the point when her husband took her to a calm place and put...
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