Sylvia Gregorio Case Srtudy

Topics: Working time, Solar energy, Employment Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Time Context
June, 1984
I. View Point
Joint efforts of Dr. Mariano Lacdao and the Human Resource Department Head II. Central Problem
Job Dissatisfaction of Sylvia Gregorio
Sylvia Gregorio is an Analyst at the Center for Energy Research and Development since March 1982. It is a division of the Philippine Energy Company tasked with the Research and Development activities on renewable energy resources. The division was divided into three departments: the Non Conventional Fuels Department (NFD), the Conventional Fuel Department (CFD), and the Program Management and Evaluation Department (PMED). Sylvia was assigned at the Solar Section of the NFD which conducts studies on solar thermal conversion systems, photo voltaic system applications, and solar energy storage employing various media. Employees in the Center had a tendency to take their work not so seriously. If they belong to one section or holding office in the same group, they formed cliques and had some tendency to form exclusive group. Employees at the Solar Section on the other hand were mostly male who were engineers or Math / Physics major. Sylvia prepares budget and handles purchasing activities for the section. She is also the project leader for the solar thermal conversion systems project. Despite the fact that she is one of the best qualified staff at the Center and being paid higher salaries than others in the same position, she wants to quit from her job at the Center and go back to teaching due to her various personal reasons. III. Objective

a. Must Objective
To be able to convince Sylvia Gregorio to stay with the company as soon as possible. b. Want Objectives
1. To be able to establish good rapport between Joe Silva, Sylvia Gregorio and the rest of the employees in the Solar Section. 2. To be able to settle fair pay inequalities among employees. 3. To be able to keep private details such as salary, retrenchment plans, training program plans,...
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