Syllogism Research Paper

Topics: Education, University, Logic Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Robin O. Maligaya
Pre- Dental II
Semi Finals in Logic and Ethics

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms
Categorical Syllogism

    1. All rich persons can educate their children.
  Some parents can’t afford education.
  Therefore, some parents are not rich.

    2. Some mentors use their creative mind.
  All man has the capacity to think.
  Therefore, some men are not mentors.

    3. Not all are academic people.
  Some non smart people are non academic.
  Therefore, some non-smart people are academic.

    4. Not all students have quality education.
  Some universities are organized on factory lines.
  Therefore, some universities have quality education.

    5. Some students do not have job.
  All graduates got their college degree.
  Therefore, some graduates do not have job.

    6. Not all students study hard in school.
  Some students pay attention at class.
  Therefore, some students study hard in school.

    7. Some problems are being interpreted.
  All facts are correct.
  Therefore, some problems are not interpreted.

    8. Not all computers distract learning.
  Some gadgets are being use by students.
  Therefore, some gadgets distract learning.

    9. Some college students are genius.
  All students are cheaters.
  Therefore, some students are not genius.

    10.   All mentors are capable to teaching.
      Some people don’t have their college degree.
      Therefore, some people are capable to teach.

RSA Animate – 21st century enlightenment
Categorical syllogism

  1. Some Filipinos want to go to abroad.
  All OFW have better opportunities.
  Therefore, some opportunity is in abroad.

  2. All men are rational.
  Some rational men have good reasoning.
  Therefore, good reasoning is rational.

  3. All doctors are wise.
  Some wise persons are males.
  Therefore, some males are doctors.

  4. All men live with identity....
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