Syllabus Template for Eng 12

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Syllabus Template for Eng 12 with Recommended Sections

English 12: Freshman English I
Kingsborough Community College
Department of English

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Course Description

It is an introductory course in college-level reading and writing emphasizing the development of ideas in essays, including how language communicates facts, ideas, and attitudes. This course teaches writing as a process involving revision based on feedback from readers.  Students learn how to develop college-level essays through close reading and intertextual analysis--reading across and between texts drawn from various disciplines. After passing ENG 12, students must take ENG 24.

Learning Outcomes

[Following are the departmental learning outcomes for Eng 12. Feel free to re-format these for your own syllabi, but please stay true to these goals.]

* Identify writers' arguments and the ways in which those arguments are constructed. * Recognize writers’ assumptions, beliefs, and points of view, and distinguish these from those of others. * Analyze writers’ purposes, audiences, and rhetorical strategies. * Summarize writers’ essential arguments and supporting points. * Identify and interpret key passages in a text.

* Evaluate the merit of ideas and evidence presented in a text. * Make generalizations and inferences, and draw conclusions from textual sources. * Compare and contrast ideas from different texts.

* Write clearly focused, logically organized, and effectively developed essays. * Employ rhetorical strategies effectively according to the purpose and audience for the essay. * Incorporate texts as meaningful support for the essay, using summary, paraphrase, and quote. * Use evidence from personal experience and observation as meaningful support for the essay. * Draw meaningful connections among texts and between texts and personal...
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