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TitleBusiness EthicsPre-Requisite Subjects: Introduction to Philosophy (102)


1st Semester
School Year 2012-201

Course Description

Business ethics is an applied ethics. It is the application of ordinary human moral and ethical considerations on all economic transactions between individuals, between individuals and profit-making organizations, and between profit-making organizations and other organizations such as: institutions, technologies, transactions, policies and behavior in the systemic, corporate and personal levels in a business setting. The discussion begins by providing a framework of basic ethical principles and their implications to the business environment. Then it proceeds to describe several specific approaches which will be the basis for analyzing ethical issues in business environment. Thus, the students engage in ethical decision making on contemporary issues in the business setting and that this particular endeavor hopefully develop students’ values which will eventually make them an ideal men and women for others in the pursuit of this particular human activity.

Course Objectives

1. To expose students to the important moral issues that arise in various business contexts. 2. To provide students with an understanding of the moral, social, and economic environments within which moral issues occur. 3. To introduce students to the ethical concepts that are relevant for resolving those moral dilemmas. 4. To assist students in developing the necessary reasoning and analytical skills in resolving moral dilemmas. 5. To facilitate in the discovery of a profound insight on the significance of ethics in his pursuit of how to live a good life.

Course Materials

1. Business Ethics: William H. Shaw; 2nd Edition, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1996 2. Ground and Norm of Morality, Ramon Castillo Reyes, Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1989. 3. Reason informed by Faith , Richard M. Gula

4. Handouts in Business Ethics, Ateneo de Manila University, Summer 2002 5. The Power of Ethical Management, Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale, Copyright 1988.

Course Requirements:

1. On Philosophical Papers:

1. A two page philosophical/phenomenological papers
(equivalent to a 20 point quiz)
a. Instructions for each paper: Choose one point in an article take up in class or an item from our class discussion. Formulate a Thesis statement out of it, then, discuss that point as the first part of your paper. Next, relate it to one current event or phenomenon in a wider society. Finally, relate it to one concrete personal experience you have had. b. Format: short bond paper, typewritten/computer printed, one inch margin top, bottom, left and right; your name course and year, subject and date written on the upper right. Font style: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 “ in all sides. 1. Paper will be submitted a week after the discussion of particular topic. 2. Papers will be graded for:

- Content: Correctness of the explanation of the point/item, evidence of critical reflection on experience: 10 points
- Organization and Coherence: The flow of thoughts:7 points - Presentation: Grammar and mechanics: 3 points

2. On quizzes and Written Examinations:

a. A quiz is given every after the discussion of a certain topic.
b. Written Examinations (Midterm and Finals) as scheduled.
c. Types of test:

- Objective: The test ids designed to measure student’s knowledge of Fundamental Concepts as discussed in class. - True or False: The test is designed to measure student’s ability to analyze Philosophical statements and concepts as discussed in class.

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