Syllabus of Descriptive Physics Csu

Topics: Economics, Colorado, Economy Pages: 5 (628 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Colorado State University

Spring 2013

Economics 492
Using Economics: Real-World Economic Analysis
Section 2: MW 2-3:15pm (C141 Clark)
Prof. Stephan Weiler
C329 Clark
491-5538 or

Office Hours:
MW 1:15-2
and by appt.

As economics majors, you have learned a number of tools and skills over your years at CSU. Surprisingly, some of these tools can actually be useful in real life. This class will add a few final tools and allow you to use your toolbox to explore economics in Colorado through team research projects, while also demonstrating how/why work such as yours can be used in economic analysis. We will be working closely with the state demographer’s office to develop information that the state and localities will use in understanding counties’ economic base and local assets, as well as the implications of these foundations for each county’s economy. You will draw from your micro, macro, and other subfield backgrounds that you’ve developed over years as CSU economics majors. The course thus aims to both reinforce the tools you have learned, as well as understand their real-world relevance. Regular class briefings and roundtable research workshops will be integral parts of the course.

All class materials will be made available on-line via RamCT, with critical data sets emailed to you directly. The state demographer’s website should be your overall starting point. Documentation for the key Base Analysis is your first reading assignment, with a useful summary in your Key Documentation folder under LEIFA Project Overview and a more complete description under LEIFA Project Details through your RamCT Web Links. RESEARCH PAPER/PRESENTATION:

The principal focus of this course is the team research papers and presentations applying economic analysis to the present and future features of Colorado county economies. In conjunction with the state demographer’s office and local officials, the groups will evaluate and refine local data, provide a structure for understanding the local economy, and use the findings to give your own assessment of the implications of a county’s economic base and local assets. You are expected to spend about six hours per week outside of class pursuing your research. WEDNESDAY BRIEFINGS:

Each Wednesday, roundtable workshops will feature weekly progress reports and directions by/for each small team, and will generally serve as a forum for collaborative discussions on research problems and prospects. The workshops will begin with rotating group presentations on Colorado economics news items relating to your focal county.

Grades will be based on the final project paper (40%), research presentation (25%), class/workshop participation (25%), and performance on the economics Assessment Test (10%) which will be available on RamCT during Week 14. Letter grades may be supplemented by a “+” for particularly strong performance in a particular grade range; the “-“ will not be used. Accommodations are made for students with disabilities in conjunction with the Resources for Disabled Students ( The course will adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy of the Colorado State University General Catalog and the Student Conduct Code. You can find further useful information on academic integrity at




Week 1:

MLK Holiday


Week 2:

Groups & Data Table

Group Data Work

Week 3:

Export Base: Basics & LQ Workshop

Week 4:

Export Base: Basics & LQ Workshop

Week 5:

Guest Speaker from State


Week 6:

Regional Assets

Workshop: Contacts

Week 7:

Entrepreneurship in CO


Week 8:

Implications => Dunes

Workshop: Focal ? and Outlines

Week 9:

Workshops & Prstn Assignments

Week 10:



Week 11:...
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