Syllabus for Ncc If You Want to Introduce It in Your Organisation

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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B.A/ .Program
Semester –I National Cadet Corps (NCC)-I

Total marks: 100

Unit-01 Introduction to NCC:
Introduction, NCC Motto, NCC Flag, Aims of NCC, NCC organization, NCC Training: Institutional Training, Camp Training, Social Service & Community Development, Youth Exchange Programme, Adventure Training & Sports, NCC Song, Incentives for NCC Cadets.

Unit-02 National Integration:
Meaning and Importance, Unity in Diversity, Indian History and Culture, Religion and Customs of India, India and Its Neighbors, Contribution of Youth in Nation Building.

Unit-03 Leadership:
Meaning, Leadership Traits, Types of Leadership, Discipline & Duty of a good citizen, Personality Development, Motivation, Code of Ethics, Perception, Communication, Customs of Services, Importance of Team Work.

Unit-04 Social Services:
Social services and its importance, Social Service Activities, HIV/AIDS: Causes & Prevention, Cancer: Causes & Prevention, Contribution of Youth towards Social Welfare, NGOs and their Contribution to Society.

Reference: 1. Cadet's Hand Book Common Subject, All Wings, By DGNCC, New Delhi. 2. Cadet's Hand Book Specialized Subject Army, By DGNCC, New Delhi.

B.A/ .Program
Semester –II
National Cadet Corps (NCC)-II

Total marks: 100

Unit:01 Civil Defence and Fire Fighting
Civil Defence: Meaning, Organization and its Duties, Civil Defence Services. Fire Fighting: Meaning, Mode of fire, Fire Fighting Parties, Fire Fighting Equipments.

Unit-02 Disaster Management:

Introduction, Classification of Disasters: Natural Disaster & Man Made Disaster, Disaster Management during Flood, Cyclone and Earthquake
Assistance in Removal of Debris, Collection and Distribution of Aid Material, Message Services.

Unit-03 Protection and Self Defence:

Protection: Meaning, Protection against Air Attack and Aircraft Bombing,
Methods of Protection,
Self Defence: Meaning, Prevention of Untoward Incidents, Vulnerable Parts of Body, Physical Self Defence.

Unit-04 HeaIth and Hygiene:

Structure and Function of Human Body, Hygiene and Sanitation, Preventable Diseases, First Aid; Yoga: Introduction and Exercise, Physical and Mental Health, Fractures: Types and Treatment

Reference: l. Cadet's Hand Book Common Subject, AII Wings, By DGNCC, New Delhi.
2. Cadet's Hand Book Specialized Subject, Army, By DGNCC, New Delhi.

B.A/ .Program
Semester –III
National Cadet Corps (NCC)-III

Total Marks: 100

Unit-01 Environment and Ecology:
Environment: Meaning, Global Warming, Acid rain, Depletion of Ozone layer, Conservation of Environment Ecology: Introduction, Component of Ecological System, Forest Ecology, Wild Life. Pollution: Meaning, Types of Pollution, Causes & Effects of Pollution, Pollution Control.

Unit-02 Adventure Activities
Introduction, Aims, Various Adventure Activities,
Trekking: Planning, Organization and Conduct.
Cycle Expedition: Planning, Organization and Conduct.
Parasailing: Planning, Organization and Conduct.

Unit-03 Introduction to Map and Conventional Signs
Meaning of Map, Types of Maps, Information on Maps, Topographical Forms, Cardinal Points, Types of North, Grid System, Setting of...
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