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DMS 1.1



- To impart a basic knowledge of the concepts and tools of economic analysis as relevant for managerial decision making and to provide an understanding of the aggregate economic system within which a firm operates.

- Lectures, Assignments, Practical exercise, Case Discussion and seminars Examination - 3 hours written exam - 60 marks & Continuous Assessment 40 marks , Total 100 marks.
- 4 hours per week
Course Outline 1. Nature and significance of Managerial Economics- fundamental concepts & technique of Managerial decision-making - application of economic theories in decision making. 2. Demand Analysis- - Meaning of demand - determinants of demand - types of demand - law of demand - elasticity of demand - demand forecasting - methods of forecasting demand - essentials of good forecasting3. Supply Analysis- Supply Curves- Factors affecting Supply- Elasticity of supply. 4. Production Analysis- - production function - laws of production – economies of scale - laws of returns and business decision.

5. Cost Analysis- - Various concepts of costs - cost output relationship - Application of marginal costing in business decisions - cost control and cost reduction. 6. Pricing- price determination under perfect competition – under monopoly – under monopolistic competition - under oligopoly - pricing policies and practices - pricing of a new product. 7. Profit Analysis- -Nature of Profit- Theories of profit – Rent theory- Marginal Productivity theorydynamic Theory- Innovation Theory- Risk & uncertainty Theory-policies of profits- profit measurement

8. National Income Analysis- Basic concepts- Measurement of National Income Components of National Income- Managerial uses of National Income concepts References1.

DN Dwivedi
Varshney and Maheshwari
Lija J Truett, Dale B Truett
Dominick Salvatore
Mote, Paul & Gupta
Chopra, O P
Adhikary , M.
Mankar and Dinakar
Roger A Arnold

- Managerial Economics
- Managerial Economics.
- Managerial Economics
- Managerial Economics
- Managerial Economics
- Managerial Economics
- Business Economics
- Business Economics.
- Macro Economics

DMS 1.2


- To acquaint students with the accounting concepts, tools and techniques for managerial decision making
- Lectures, Assignments, Practical exercise, Case Discussion and seminars - 3 hours written exam- 60 marks & Continuous Assessment 40 marks – Total 100 marks.
- 4 hours per week

Course Outline Part A- Financial Accounting
1. Overview of financial accounting - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) - conceptsprinciples- and conventions of accounting. 2. Accounting Mechanics- Basic records - ledgers - day books - cash books. 3. Preparation of financial statements of sole trader and company - trial balance- profit and loss accounts - various adjustments in Balance sheet.

4. Depreciation Accounting- Concept of depreciation - straight line and diminishing value methods tax implication of depreciation. 5. Company Accounts- Issue of shares & debentures - accounting for issue- forfeiture and reissue of shares - Guidelines for issue of shares at par, discount & premium. 6. Preparation of company final accounts- Legal requirements for preparation of financial statements of limited companies.

PART B- Cost Accounting
7. Gathering cost data - classification of costs - types - preparation of cost sheets. 8. Methods of Costing- Job costing- contract costing- process costing- equivalent units and inter process profits - treatment of normal and abnormal gains.

PART C- Management Accounting
9. Introduction to Management Accounting - Objectives- utility and limitations of management accounting
10. Capital structure and Dividend Decisions- Cost of Capital and Factors determining the capital structure. Factors affecting the dividend...
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