Syllabus: Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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Instructor:Mr. R. T. NoceteSemester: Summer

E-mail: viper@yahoo.comSchool year:2011

Consultation hours:8:00-10:00AM M-FTime / Day / Rm.:10-12M-F/NB210

Course Pre-requisite: NoneNo. of Units:Three (3)

Course Description:This course is designed to inform and stimulate thinking on issues of ethics and social responsibility encountered in business. The material covered is intended to prepare students to recognize and manage ethical and social responsibility issues as they arise, and to help them formulate their own standards of integrity and professionalism. The overall course objectives are to increase awareness of the ethical dimension of business conduct, to contribute insights into the professional standards and responsibilities of students in their future careers; to develop analytical skills for indentifying and resolving ethical and social responsibility issues in business, and to practice decision making about ethical and social responsibility issues.

Course Requirement: Students enrolled in Good Governance and Social Responsibility are required to attend classes, participate in discussions and research process and take examinations to pass the course.

Course Objectives: This course aims to provide students with a foundation of concern on what is and what should be the relationship between global corporations, local business entities, government of countries and individual citizens. The central tenets of Social Responsibility and Good Governance will aid in decision-making on the contents of the social contracts between all stakeholders to society, which is an essential requirement of civil society.

References:**Crowtheer, David; Aras, Guler Corporate Social Responsibilty, 2008

**Crowtheer, David & Sefi, Shahla Corporate Governance and Risk Management, 2008

**Crowtheer, David; Aras, Guler Corporate Social Responsibility: Part I - Principles, Stakeholders & Sustainability, 2008

**Crowtheer, David; Aras, Guler Corporate Social Responsibility: Part II - Performance Evaluation, Globalization and NFP's, 2008

**Crowtheer, David; Aras, Guler Corporate Social Responsibility: Part III - Strategy & Leadership, 2008

**References are not available in the DMC Library; students will be provide with literatures and handouts


Prepared by: Mr. Raul T. Nocete
SBME Instructor

Criteria for Grading:
Quizzes/ Activities / Assignments20 %Midterm50%

Major Exam40%Finals 50%

Long Quiz30%100%



|Week |Objectives |Content |Methodology |Timeframe |Materials/ References |Evaluation | |Week 1 |This chapter is aimed for the students to |Corporate Social Responsibility Defined |-Lecture |6 hrs |Crowtheer, David; Aras, |Quiz | | |deeply evaluate the social responsibility |Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility |-Brainstorming | |Guler, Part 1 Corporate |Groupwork | | |of every corporation or business entity to|Effects of organizational activity |-Giving Assignments | |Social Responsibility : |Homework | | |the community and to the country it is in.|Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility | |...
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