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Department of Management
MGT 382 A01 – Principles of Management
Spring Quarter, 2013

Instructor: Dr HughesClass Time: Online
Email: hughesl@cwu.eduLocation: Online
Office Hours: Online

Welcome to MGT 382 Principles of Management. You will find information regarding course requirements, obligations, grading and other information in this syllabus.

This course is offered 100% online. Each student enrolled in the course is automatically registered for Blackboard and has access to class materials posted there. All materials are posted on the Blackboard system. All assignments will be completed via Blackboard.

In order to be successful in an online course, each student must be organized and work ahead of deadlines. A last minute approach to an online course frequently results in missed deadlines or being booted. In the event that this happens a grade of ‘0’ will be assigned for the assignment in question. However, in the event of a Blackboard outage, this can be verified with CWU-IT services and accommodations will be made. In other words, please post assignments at least one day in advance of the deadline. Please view and listen to the audio file in the ‘Syllabus’ tab entitled “How to take an online course.”

The instructor will make every endeavor to fully communicate due dates and specifics of course deliverables. In some cases, examples are provided. The answers to most questions may be found in the syllabus, in the assignments themselves, or in a Discussion Board forum entitled “Ask the professor.” This forum is your link to the instructor to ask questions related to the course. Please start a thread with a relevant subject line. The instructor will respond to all inquiries within three-to-four-hours. This provides every person enrolled in the course opportunity to see answers to course related questions, and to comment on the dialogue. Please do not email questions about the course or the assignments to the instructor. “Ask” is the only forum in which these questions will be answered.

If a student has a question related to grading or a comment outside of the mechanics of the course, it is appropriate to use the ‘Private questions” mechanism in the ‘Syllabus folder. All inquiries will be answered within 24-hours. Please use this for private questions instead of email. Please note that time-sensitive or otherwise important announcements will be emailed to all students enrolled. Please make a habit of checking the assigned CWU email address regularly. Given the number of people enrolled in the online sections this semester there is not time to send course announcements to personal email addresses.

Williams, C. (2013). MGMT5. Mason, OH: Southwestern/Cengage. Supplemental readings as assigned.
Access to computer with modem, e-mail, and word processing capability Familiarity with Internet, World Wide Web, standard business software, and word processors

Principles of management class for business majors. Introduces students to the history and development of management ideas and contemporary practice. Overview of all of the major elements of the managerial function.

To provide you with an exposure to management approaches, concepts, practices and theories •To develop an understanding of the role of management in dealing with key business issues and opportunities •To introduce basic strategic management considerations using environmental analysis, resource assessment, objective and goal determination, and activity planning •To establish a conceptual and ethical management knowledge foundation which you can build with real world experiences in business planning, leadership, communication, motivation, decision-making and organizational control

This course, in alignment with the College of Business mission and vision, blends management...
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