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Extension Division

BUSA 40435
Financial Decision Making
Summer 2011 Section# 082608

Instructor: George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA

Contact Info: 425/241-5016,

Welcome to UCSD Extension’s Financial Decision Making course. My basic approach to the subject matter is that theory which cannot be practiced is not good theory, BUT practice that is not based on theory [i.e., a logical, independently verifiable analytic framework] is not good practice. Thus we will strive for a balance of both theory and practice to provide a rigorous, comprehensive course. Please review the following syllabus and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I will do everything I can to make sure that this course will be a profitable and enjoyable learning experience for each and every member of the class. Please also remember that I am here to support you in the pursuit of your educational goals.

This course carries three quarter units of credit.

Meeting Time:Thursday, 5:45 PM to 8:45 PM
Dates:July 14, 2011 – September 8, 2011
Location:University City Center - 303

Required Text:
Financial Decision Making (2010), by Dan Goldzband,CMA. This is a custom casebook in UCSD bookstore. ISBN: 9780100723818. Recommended Book:
Dollar$ and Sense: A Workbook on the ABCs of Investments, by George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA (Bellevue, WA: Spartan Research and Consulting, Inc., 2002) ISBN: 9780-1007-2482-2 Available from the UCSD Bookstore -- Course Materials Department UCSD Bookstore, M.C. 0008, University of California-San Diego Email:

Phone 858.534.7963, Fax 858.822.0261,

Suggested Text:
Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants (May and May)

Suggested supplemental reading:
Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, and the business section of any major metropolitan newspaper.

Course Description:
This is an advanced class in the analysis of complex corporate financial issues. It primarily uses case histories of actual corporations facing critical financial decisions that will significantly affect, even determine their futures. The student is expected to perform the following steps for each case: •Review and analyze the case materials;

Identify the prospective financial action and key decision factors and variables; •Rigorously apply the appropriate analytical methods; and •Present recommendations in formal written form.

Course Goal and Objectives:
The goal of this course is for the student to master the basics of preparing and communicating sophisticated financial analyses and recommendations. Specifically, it means to provide the student with basic exposure to the typical analyses and recommendations that he or she will perform and deliver as a commercial loan officer or corporate financial analyst. More generally, it seeks to enable the student to maintain a clear perspective in the face of the multitude of data and activities that he/she will encounter when working in corporate finance.

To support this goal, the following specific learning objectives will be emphasized in the preparation of each written assignment: 1.Identify the fundamental issues and decision factors;
2.Clearly and logically present supporting analyses and data; and 3.Effectively and concisely communicate recommendations.

Initial Assignment:
Students should read and be ready to discuss the Tire City case (9-297-091) for the first class meeting.

Grading Factors:
The course grade will be calculated on a percentage basis using a 100 point scale. The following factors and their weightings (as a percent of the total course grade) comprise the grading scale:

Attendance & Participation25%
Individual Written Homework75%

Recommended Course Grading (100 point scale):

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