Sydney Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams

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Sydney Sheldon Tell Me Your Dreams

By | June 2011
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|Review: Sidney Sheldon - Tell Me Your Dreams | |You have to understand… Sidney Sheldon has a very special place in my literary heart. When I was in sixth grade, and attending a Catholic | |school (yes, taught by nuns), I snuck If Tomorrow Comes from my Grandfather’s bookshelf and proceeded to write a book report on it, leaving | |nothing out, from the prison rapes, the escapes, the jewelry heists… My classmates loved it. My teachers thought my parents should know what I | |was reading. | | | |At any rate, I have since read everything that Mr. Sheldon has written and been very pleased with each… which is why it pains me to give this | |book a less than stellar review. | | | |I’ve been rolling a few review ideas around in my head regarding this novel, and I just can’t come up with any way to do it without revealing a| |few major plot points. But, as the plot points I will reveal are revealed to the reader less than half way through the book, I don’t feel as | |bad as I might normally, if they weren’t revealed until the last three pages. So, the disclaimer: This review does reveal a few major spoilers | |in the plot. | |...

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