Sycamore Pharmaceuticals Case Study

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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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It is widely acknowledge that the scope and nature of public policy problems play increasingly active roles in times of rapid changes. Public policies have always and will continue to influence if not affect our selves and lives, families, communities, societies. By nature and all intent and purpose public policies influence our daily interactions to such a profound extent that with a closer look, we realize that we need to be active in all aspects of public policies including their analysis. (Gambia 2008). Public policies are generally aimed at one or more of the following, reconciling or fostering cooperation that would probably not occur without government influence or encouragement and protecting the right of individuals. The local policy process appears to be most influenced by consensus and coalition building, unlike that national policy process which is largely influenced by shifting public moods and opinion as well as changes in electoral leadership). We also have to look on local power structures democratic accountabilities, business government relations and policy impacts and distribution effects (Baumgartner / Jones 1993: Cobb / Elder, 1983: Jones 1994). The nature of public policy is changing. Evaluation today has many more purposes not only accountability and learning, but also better policy planning ,improved implementation, empowerment of those without voice. Since evolution is so big in the policy system of one government or one set of policies and encompass partners, including civil society, the private sector and professional group. Consequences are surrounded by the quality of interactions. When we look at evaluation of public policy it is embedded in a changing and more complex and multi-partner public policy system. The system in which policy making, policy content and public management has been transformed in many countries and this is likely to continue. The evaluation in public policy has a role to play. The reason this is...
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